SilverTree’s Cordy takes off in Japan!

SilverTree’s Cordy takes off in Japan!

Google Translate : Run around the world crammed with built in 3D, collect items and open the door for charging for items such as gears, trying to challenge how quickly you can clear the stage. To do so we need to work the various tricks, we should think about acting. Very easy to understand instructions Very simple operation. 2 In the lower left button moves left and right, jumping and other actions carried out by two buttons at the bottom right. You must touch the screen directly on the machine, sometimes you move the box, but also come to climb the wall scene, would not require detailed explanation.

Mechanical crab (Crab bot) came out when the “optimization?” The anxiety and will become even hitting the game is not over. To move to a higher place, that 踏Mitsukeyou crabs (laughs).
Expect updates in the future The game itself is a new system and say, high-quality graphics and sound, a very favorable impression on the surface motel user-friendly system.
Stage that can be played so far are limited, and we will be added in a future update stages (three stages at the date of April 28, 2011). I look forward to future updates.

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