iPhone + iPad Gems: Cordy

iPhone + iPad Gems: Cordy

Of the three platform games we’re reviewing today, SilverTree Media’s Cordy (Free/$5, version 1.51) is unquestionably the most impressive—so strong, in fact, that we repeatedly found ourselves thinking of just how far the iOS platform has come over the past few years. You take control of a happy little robot through a collection of 27 levels spread out across four primary worlds; rather than a full joystick, you have left and right movement buttons, plus a jump button and an action button that can be used to interact with different items in each level. Much of the game is spent running and jumping across flat and curved surfaces, gathering gears for points and battery cells to unlock an exit door found somewhere in the level. The gears are like Sonic the Hedgehog’s rings, only you aren’t constantly being attacked and forced to lose them; Cordy is more about the fun of exploration and the challenge of jumping, running, and later swinging through the levels, as well as moving puzzle pieces around to reach new areas.

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