Cordy 2 FAQ (iOS)

Cordy 2 FAQ (iOS)

Q. After I purchase Cordy 2, how can I restore it on my other devices (or after a reinstall)?
A: Just choose “Buy Full Game” and confirm the purchase, and it will say “You have already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK.”

Q. What’s the minimum needed to play Cordy 2?
A: iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (3rd generation), or iPad. And iOS 3.2.

Q. My device is a new model, but Cordy 2 still won’t work. Why?
A: Please confirm your model. They can be difficult to tell apart, especially iPod touches. Go to Apple Support, enter your device’s serial number.

Q. I love this game and want to tell the developers! How do I do that?
A: “Like” our Facebook page then rate Cordy 5 stars! Kids love that kind of approval.

Q. We want to review Cordy 2. Can you send us a promo code?
A: No. Apple doesn’t support Promo Codes for In-App Purchases at this time.

Q: My question wasn’t answered, how do I get help?
A: E-mail